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. Cult of the Rabid Petunias .

In Sod We Trust

Cult of the Rabid Petunias
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Rabid Petunias

Banned in China!

We're dedicated to worshipping question marks and tuning forks in the United States. Check out the website for more in depth information about our practices.


Friendly Community Maintainer:
Dmi Vori: sacred_ikon


It is not necessary for you to be an actual listed member of the CotRP for you to join. We only ask that you familiarise yourself with our beliefs and practices through our website first.


I will take much pleasure in simply deleting inflammatory posts and/or comments. I will block any users posting offensive entries. Members who continue unnecessary drama will be warned once, then removed from the community.

This community is intended for open discussion of any materials pertaining to the Cult of the Rabid Petunias and as an open forum for its members.
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